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BREEZY NOON By Anisha Khiyani

Breezy noon is a story woven in collaboration with designer Anisha Khiyani. 
This collection is inspired by artist Ramesh Raghunandan's life story & his perspective towards music.

The breezy noon collection is ethically crafted in fine handwoven Cotton Khadi. These apparel are made of 100% natural material, dyed using Azo-free Dyes and are mediumweight making them great for the summer. As the name of the collection suggests, it is breezy, light & comfortable to be worn with ease on a summer day. We created these sustainable but modern silhouettes and styles & ethically crafted them from beautiful handwoven & most sustainable fabrics woven using indigenous weaves and techniques of India.

The source of inspiration for Breezy Noon is Mahesh Raghunandan. Based out of Bangalore, Mahesh has always believed music to be a way of life & has himself drawn inspiration from struggles.

This collection encapsulates Mahesh Raghunanadan’s creative ingenuity, his struggles & his life stories.


Anisha Khiyani

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Anisha is an Apparel Designer from the National Institute of Design who is now running her own sustainable resort wear brand- Organic Symmetry.


SKU: Wide Neck Loose Top | Back & White Stripe
INR 1510
SKU: Wide Neck Loose Top | Navy
INR 1550
SKU: Wide Neck Loose Top | Solid White
INR 1600
SKU: Wide Neck Loose Top | Mustard
INR 1550
SKU: Unisex Full Sleeved Tunic | MUSTARD
INR 1900
SKU: Unisex Full Sleeved Tunic | Solid White
INR 1950
SKU: Unisex Full Sleeved Tunic | White Stripe
INR 1800
SKU: Unisex Full Sleeved Tunic | NAVY
INR 1900